British Science Week 2016

“It’s the science lady!”

This week I spent two days at a local primary school as part of British Science Week 2016.  For the first day I ran a mobile DNA workshop visiting all the KS2 classes (ages 7-11).  We extracted DNA from strawberries.  Their existing knowledge and ideas surrounding DNA was both impressive and amusing; I asked them where we keep our DNA:

“In little pots”

Such a lovely way to describe cells!  They had a preformed idea of what the DNA would look like and were quite surprised that the resulting white goop didn’t quite resemble my model!

Can I have your job?

The second day I spent visiting each EYFS and KS1 (ages 4-7) class with a germ and hand-washing workshop.  I also got them to design and draw their own bacteria using our collection of GIANTmicrobes as inspiration.

Q: Where do bacteria live?  A: “In Australia and Poland”

My favorite part of the week was answering their questions such as “what is your most recent discovery?” and “can you make a potion that makes people invisible?”.  Hopefully I managed to inspire the next generation of scientists despite revealing that in fact, no; I cannot make an invisibility potion.

P.S. I am exhausted!




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